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    "STEAMTech+ Lessons" is meant to help parents and teachers provide students additional lessons to help them
    collaborate effectively, communicate clearly, be creative problem-solvers, and persist when others would
    not. This is meant to be used as a supplement to any curriculum being provided by schools or institutes of
    higher learning. Some of the items in this guide are copyright protected. These projects and lessons are
    meant to help keep students actively creative while working remotely.


    "We will help each other through the rough times so we can celebrate together when the easy times arrive!"


    This document is a compilation of years of teaching Business Technology to K-12 Students. It is by no
    means exhaustive, and should be used as a guide. Links have been checked at the time of publishing, but
    might not work. Care should be taken by Instructors/Parents to review all projects and lessons prior to
    having students work on them. Safety & Security are paramount. If your students are better at using some
    of these apps than you, maybe they should be teaching the class to you. Learn as a family and have fun! Enjoy!

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    Remote-Learning Parent Resources

    Need Help? Here it is! Connect with other parents too!

    Spend some time learning about how to teach your students (5th to 12th Grade and beyond) to become self-directed learners! Tons of Educational Technology resources and information. Question & Answer Time Afterwards!

    FREE Course Every Thursday at 3pm, or by appointment.


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    Is your organization interested in STEM/Project-Based-Learning, eSports, Career Education & Work Standards, Customized Learning Management Solutions, Computer Science, Engineering, and other curriculum solutions?


    You have come to the right place!

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    Code.Org Curriculum Training for schools, districts, and other educational entities. See details below.

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    PA Career Education & Work


    Review some of the lesson plans (Introduction, Today's Job Market, Resume & Cover Letter, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurship) that were created specifically to meet these standards. Other items include a sample student folder, worksheets, and other reference materials.

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    Custom Training


    Contact us today to schedule professional development that will engage your staff and help utilize all the tools you have invested in for your learning communities. Training can be customized for individuals, teams, and entire organizations on a variety of topics that include eSports, STEM, Career Education, Business Technology, Educational Technology, Learning Management Systems, and many more.

    Michigan CS Initiatives

    Please check out the video about new CS Funding nationwide, and how Michigan Educators are learning to use Code.Org's K-12 Curriculum!

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    October 14th & 15th, 2017


    Minefaire: Official @minecraft Community Event - all things #minecraft : entertainment, gameplay, and educational content to inspire the next generation.

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    Own a gorgeous, mobile optimized website in minutes. No code or design needed.

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    Ask how this fantastic tool can help your professional team learn to use technology tools at warp speed. Email me for a direct link that will help you learn about this platform!